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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Some of My Old Favorites

Here are some of my pages from back in the day. When I was living in Cyprus, my supplies were pretty much limited to what I had brought with me for the two years I was there. So I was SUPER conservative and so pretty creative with my paper and sticker usage. I did lots of drawing and did some other tricks with paper. I was also using albums that I bought in Holland which have vellum pages in between each page. Oh, and I also had quite a bit of time to spend on my books then!!

On this page, I framed the whole layout with strips cut from closeup photos of the frosty trees.

This is one of my all-time favorite layouts. I cut the "ribbon" looking shapes and then used a hole-puncher for the polka dots.

On this page, I used a closeup photo of the rocks, to cut out the letters.

I really love fitting lots of photos on a page using this "puzzle" method.

Love the sepia colored photos. Makes a really unique page.

Not the most fabulous layout, but I just love Naomi's pictures here!!

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed seeing your Cyprus pages. I even saw one of Jacob and me at the donkey sanctuary! I remember what your little apartment looked like covered with scrapbooks and school books. I'm sure it's even more fun making them with Joshua's pictures. I can't wait to see his "after" picture. I think he looked great "before". Your name came up this week when we had lunch with Steve, Pam, Kevin, and Heather. What fun! What good memories.