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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

More Pages

The following 2 pages are the opening pages to my 2006 album. I got this idea from a fellow scrapbooker, Carolyn. I really like the year in review idea and am going to do it in all my albums now.

The next two pics show pages that have extenders. I cut one page in half and then adhered 1/2 page on each side of the outside page edges and these can then fold out as seen in picture below. A really unique thing, also gained from my friend Carloyn.
(Below, the folded out page)

Here, I have cut a page in half and placed it in the center of the first two pages of our vacation layout. I did this because........
.....I have this panoramic shot of Dubrovnik that did not really work on the regular page.


Big Blog Collection said...
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ginger said...

You ARE Scrappin' Like Crazy! I love seeing the pics, but I should be seeing them in person!