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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Some of My Old Favorites

Here are some of my pages from back in the day. When I was living in Cyprus, my supplies were pretty much limited to what I had brought with me for the two years I was there. So I was SUPER conservative and so pretty creative with my paper and sticker usage. I did lots of drawing and did some other tricks with paper. I was also using albums that I bought in Holland which have vellum pages in between each page. Oh, and I also had quite a bit of time to spend on my books then!!

On this page, I framed the whole layout with strips cut from closeup photos of the frosty trees.

This is one of my all-time favorite layouts. I cut the "ribbon" looking shapes and then used a hole-puncher for the polka dots.

On this page, I used a closeup photo of the rocks, to cut out the letters.

I really love fitting lots of photos on a page using this "puzzle" method.

Love the sepia colored photos. Makes a really unique page.

Not the most fabulous layout, but I just love Naomi's pictures here!!

2007 Album Begins

So I have begun my 2007 album. I basically try to fit all of one year into one album. Because I use the strap-hinge albums, this usually works out okay. However, I am realizing that I have probably about doubled (or more) our photo taking since Joshua has entered the "picture"!!! So we shall see!!!

Here is my opening page with the year in review. Got this layout from my Creating Keepsakes magazine. Charley bought me a one year subscription to 3 different magazines for our year in the states. (which has actually turned out to be a bit longer than we anticipated, but that is another whole, LONG story!!) It actually works out good to just get a year, and then stop, because that is plenty of fodder for the scrapbooking imagination for quite a while. I will just say here, that my favorite of the 3 magazines is Simple Scrapbooks. It is definitely that, "SIMPLE". Very doable ideas, with not too many accessories!!

Another idea from one of the magazines. I think it was Simple Scrapbooks. I enlarged one of our beach scenery pictures for the background to 11X14 inches and then framed the smaller 3 pics with white paper. I really love the way it turned out!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

2006 Album Continues

Okay, lest you think I am absolutely amazing in my speed of scrappin'. No I have not done all of these pages in the past few days. This is actually the album that I had done last year. Well, ACTUALLY now that I think about it, this is the album that I had to REDO because of water damage. But most of the photos were in tact and I really just needed to recreate the pages.

Here is another place where I used the fold out page technique.

And again, the fold out.

On the far left is the folded out page which gives me more space to show some of the amazing scenery from our hike.

And that FINISHES the 2006 album!!! Yahoo!!