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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Moving Along in the 2007 Book

Well, I hit the jackpot this past week! I found some amazing "China" scrapbook paper for Joshua's China book. I found it at

It has not been easy finding nice background paper for China. I had found some stickers and my friend Ginger had also found some and sent them to me back when we were in Albania and we had begun the waiting process for Joshua. But I had an entire book to do and so wanted a bit more paper to use. Anyway, I was so excited to find this. The website is awesome! They have TONS of different places. You can search by the places you want which are listed alphabetically.

This past week I got to go to a Saturday crop and work for 8 hours without interruption!! Below are my pages.

Sorry it is a little fuzzy. Not sure, but I think I moved the camera!

At the crop, my friend had this new electronic device that cut the shapes I used on this page. So cool!!

Another fuzzy one, sorry!

Here is another layout where I needed just a little more space and so I added the fold outs.


Sandra said...

That website is awesome! Your pages look so great. Maybe I should take a scrap day!

Tricia said...

Your pages are awesome!!! Have you thought about digital scrapbooking? I am just getting started with using photoshop and then once completed and printed, I am going to add some other things in it. It is a baby book for Caleb so of course I want to add some of his hair from hair cut, etc.