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Friday, March 14, 2008

Off of the Scrapbook Track for a Minute!

So this week I was inspired by my friend, Sandra. She is planning a quilt/blanket with a panel of a world map. I have the same panel and have decided to try to make a full size quilt with it in the center of the quilt. Not exactly sure how that will come about.
No pattern yet or anything! :-)
However, I went to the fabric store (actually all of them in town!) to try and find some fun stuff to match the map. I was actually looking for something with like, kids of the world or something. So far nothing along those lines. But walking into the store and seeing all the possibilities was FUN!!

I love how they have arranged the bolts by colors!

Just makes me want to SEW!!!! Something, anything!!

Here is the map panel. (I used the photo from Sandra's blog, easier than taking it myself)

The fabrics I have chosen so far.

Here they are laid out together. The lighting seems sort of off, but you get the idea. I would like to find one more fabric. I am not giving up yet on something with children of the world.


Sandra said...

I love the bold colors you selected. Just seeing your photos made me want to buy fabric & I can't even sew! Ok, I think you guys should move HERE & we can craft together!

Patricia said...

I looked at every single photo/photo album. They are beautiful! I'm just not that creative (or paient)!

Thanks for taking time to share. I'm still searching for pix of Joshua (post-surgery)... I'll check out your other blogs...

Keep up the pretty work and share it with us. It inspires me to try harder ;-).

Patricia said...

BEAUTIFUL! I looked at every single page. I'm just not that creative or patient to do my albums like that. They're lucky that they get stuck in an album. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have that world map fabric too and have just been hanging it on the bulletin board every time we do world studies. let me know how the quilt turns out! Love, April