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Thursday, May 29, 2008

For Ginger

Attaching the ties to the skirt

Pin ties to apron skirt, right sides together, centering the opening of the ties with center of skirt. ( I forgot to write on the instructions that I usually make the opening about ½ more on either side for a little easier working space.)

Stitch tie on to skirt with 1/2" seam allowance.

Press tie up from skirt and then press a ½" seam and then fold over and press top of tie.
Pin to skirt and then you can either top stitch it or hand stitch it


ginger said...

Ok. Really? I think you should just come over! It is such the tease that you are ever so close in the grand scheme of things and yet just beyond a reasonable reach. argh!

I do love the brown floral one. You are very clever my friend. Thanks for all the "extra" effort to spur me on...

Mrs. Donut said...

You are so talented! Do you know that it is actually one of my life goals to learn how to sew?

ebudd said...

Marianne, I just had to thank you for the apron I got from you through the apron swap at "A Feathered Nest." I think that I was lucky to have you as my swapper. It is SO cute. I love it.

Looking at your blog, I can see that you are an experienced sewer. This was a fun and wonderful "first" for me. I made some kids aprons for my boys as a warm up (I thought that my apron that I made for my person shouldn't be the FIRST thing I had sewn since junior high), and then I sewed mine for my swap partner in Georgia.

It turned out pretty cute, and now I know how my sewing machine works!

Anyway, I wanted to thank you so much for making me such a lovely and cheerful apron. I just love it. I'm also excited for the recipes that you included - especially the chocolate sauce.

Thanks so much!

Liz Budd
Salt Lake City