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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Turning Twenty Quilt Part 2

So the next step in my quilting process was the planning and cutting! I realize that I am somewhat, (gently put), OBSESSIVE, about how my quilt will be laid out!! I actually made a mini "plan" of my quilt using scraps of my fabric. I wanted to be sure that no fabrics were too close together or repeating awkwardly!

This is my 8" x 10" sample.

Neatly cut, organized and labeled strips and squares. I had never used a rotary cutter and ruler before when cutting my fabric! Oh heavens what a joy THAT was! I will NEVER go back!!

Here are my scraps. Not sure why I photographed these, but hey, a fun pile that my lovely, furry assistant pictured below, has thoroughly enjoyed!

My lovely assistant bathing after a full morning of assisting! (This involves laying directly on top of fabric to be cut as well as tossing scraps everywhere!)

I am excited to start sewing this thing together!!


Gabrielle said...

Beautiful! I love the layout you chose! I was the same way about laying out my quilt, except that I made my "dummy" quilt on the computer. Like you, I wanted to make sure things were spread out evenly.

sandra said...

Love your color scheme.