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Monday, October 17, 2011

Quilting Part 3

Here I am in my quilting class! Yes, I realize that I am wearing the same colors I am quilting with and NO I did not plan that!

Getting ready to sew.

Mia laying out her squares. This photo does not do justice to her gorgeous color choices!

Switching them up so there are no repeats!

Gorgeous set of colors.

Vicki quilting her squares.

Betty the expert, helps with first time cutting!

Here is my kitty assistant again. Just making sure that the sewing machine case is adequate!

Yes, I did scrounge around and find another set of fabrics to make another quilt. After much research on the internet I have finally decided on the "Disappearing Nine Patch". I fear I have discovered a new art form. I absolutely love making the color choices and then just enjoy looking at the stack for a few days before diving in and cutting.

This is another project I just finished today. Charley's mom had this old pencil sharpener. He remembers using it when he was growing up.

I found a great idea on pinterest, to refinish it!

So I took it apart, taped it up and sprayed it with primer.....

....and sprayed it with this great red paint!! I also coated it with acrylic sealer.

Voila! A great little sharpener right in the kitchen!


peggywhiz said...

I admire you for tackling the quiliting thing. My mom had the knack and so does my sister, but I cannot draw or cut a straight line, so I will leave all the quilting creating to you and all those other sewing people. Good luck, the colors are gorgeous and the pencil sharpener turned out great. love you loads. AP

sandra said...

Love your next quilt project. It sounds like you've really found something you love to do! The red pencil sharpener is great.