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Monday, July 14, 2014

Burp Cloth Tutorial for Erin and Kerry

When purchasing the diapers, you want the 3 ply prefold, not the 6 ply, way too thick! Walmart is the cheapest source.
Measure length and add 2 inches to that.

Measure the width of the center thick portion and add 1 inch to that.

Fold over 1/2 inch on each side along the length and press flat.

Lay the fabric right side down on the diaper and line up each end of the fabric with the ends of the diaper, centering it on the thick part.  Once they are pinned, this will not be laying flat, but will have slack in the middle.  You will understand why as it goes.

Stitch just to the left of the diaper hem, maybe 1/4 inch in.  You can see it is kind of lined up with the edge of the zipper foot. 

Here you can see what I mean about the slack.  This is correct.
Now you will flip it right side out, which will fold the ends that you just stitched under the back of the diaper/burp cloth.

Flip it over and stitch the ends from the back side, just at the edge of the fabric.  Note that the slack of the fabric enables it to flip around to the back while leaving the diaper edge flat with not folding.  If this does not make sense, message me! LOL!
Here you can see the finished edge.

Now flip back over to the front and pin then stitch the lengths, just inside the edge of the fabric.

Please message me on fb if something isn't clear and needs clarification!
Happy sewing!

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