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Friday, January 6, 2012

Projects Completed

So the new year has begun and I have a moment to share some of the projects from the last couple of weeks of the year!!

A fun and functional spice rack using baby food jars, chalkboard paint, magnets and a sheet of metal.

My epsom salt "snowy" candles.

Joshua's lego table that he got for Christmas. It slides under his bed. Lots more building going on now!!

I built the table with plywood and pvc pipes. Found directions on

Joshua and I baked and decorated gingerbread snowflakes.....

....gingerbread people....

....and a gingerbread house....

.....oh so delicious and fun to do!

I finished Michael's and Jacob's quilts and got them mailed off.

They were quite excited about them.

Happy, happy kiddos!! I am so glad.

We tiled our kitchen/dining area.....

.....or should I say, my boys did....

It is so beautiful!!

I can't believe that I cannot find the final shot!! Oh well, later!

This pot hanger was actually made today!! We had an old window from Charley's childhood home and I finally figured out exactly what I would do with it! Thank you Pinterest!! I think I will hang some lavender or herbs or something, from ribbons in the center and let them dry. Might look cute!

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